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NOW OPEN! Jesters Nursery & Out of School Childcare in Beaulieu, Chelmsford

We at Jesters feel an extraordinary sense of pride and joy at being selected by ECC Early Years Team, as the INDEPENDENT PROVIDER of choice, to offer the very highest quality Early Years and Out of School Childcare to the families of Beaulieu and surrounding areas for the next 25 years.

This exciting development allows Jesters integrated childcare to work in close partnership with the primary school and other professionals from within the community, to create a nurturing service where all children can flourish and realise their full potential.

Our amazing purpose built premises, for a minimum of 56 children, opened as planned in September 2018. Nestled right next to the brand new Beaulieu Park School, this will enable our developing babies, our unique toddlers, our independent pre-schoolers and our curious out of school children, to transition smoothly through their young lives as an integral part of this ground-breaking new ‘through school’, a first for the county of Essex.

The journey starts with Jesters, we would be delighted if your children would join us!

For more details or to secure your child’s place, call us today on 01245 943333!

Jester’s play spaces are innovative and mentally stimulating. They are thoughtfully and professionally designed to be highly enabling for children to develop both physical and fine motor skills.

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Our Breakfast, After School and Holiday clubs have been specially created to encourage all children to develop their social skills, form new friendships and acquire new interests whilst having fun!

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Daily activities in Jester’s purposeful stimulating, playful environments are tailored for your child to learn through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and the seven areas of learning.

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Our childcare team are highly skilled and understand how babies develop their brains through interaction with their key person; nurturing their personal, social and emotional development in a carefully thought out and enabling environment.

Research suggests that 75% of brain development takes place in the first 3 years of a child’s life! With 90% taking place in the first 12 months; incredible!

At Jesters, we will work closely with you and your baby; following their home routine to ensure you both feel comfortable, confident and secure.

High Quality Interaction
Jesters’ baby environment has been developed to maximise play and learning through exploration and discovery, as we know this is how babies learn. No matter how young the baby, high-quality interaction will be tailored by their key person, to encourage nonverbal and verbal communication.

Shaping the Future
School readiness begins with babies! Babies and children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in their life. They need love and nurturing to develop a sense of trust and security that turns into confidence as they grow and helps them succeed.

These first years of a child’s life are so fundamentally important: They are the foundations that shape children’s future in health, happiness, growth, development and learning at school as well as in the family and community.

Safe Spaces
At Jesters, we are highly aware of the crucial importance of physical development to facilitate brain development. Therefore, safe, calm, engaging spaces are provided for non-mobile and mobile babies both inside and outside.

At Jesters, we recognise the uniqueness of 2 year olds. We celebrate their developing and diverse personalities and their increasing independence.

We also demonstrate a strong ‘key person‘ approach and are excellent at recognising opportunities to support your toddler in prime areas of learning. This offers exciting new challenges for them every day.

Encouraged and Nurtured
Your toddler‘s developing confdence and attempts to use language are highly encouraged with any natural tendencies to oppositional behaviour, being addressed appropriately and sensitively.

At work, rest or play we ensure our environments inside and out flow together to provide opportunities for our 2 year olds to be busy, masterful learners!

Preparing for the Future
Jesters ethos on preparation for school is at the heart of everything we do with the children, not just when they are 4. We nurture them from when they start with Jesters to feel safe in their early years environment.

Home from Home
Additionally, there are cosy and comfortable areas for rest and relaxation to absorb and make sense of their wonderful experiences. Your toddler will be nurtured, encouraged and thoroughly supported at Jesters.

Jesters’ exceptional staff team are committed to ensuring your pre-schoolers are school-ready!

Successful Transition
As your child progresses through our facilities, their key person will enable them to develop the many skills needed to be well-rounded, eager learners, leading to a successful transition to formal school learning.

By the time the children are pre-schoolers, we will be building on their previous experiences. We will tailor their teaching to help them fully engage, be independent and socially aware of other adults and their peers.

As outlined in our fully integrated weekly programme, children at Jesters will be stimulated across the curriculum throughout their time with us.

School Readiness
Our school readiness follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which leads children towards being ready to enter their reception class. All our planned and supported activities are geared towards this everyday; with our experienced and qualifed staff understanding the school readiness links.

At Jesters, children participate in listening and attention games and follow the Department for Education and Schools (DFES) ‘Letters and Sounds Programme’.

Throughout their day children participate in the foundation skills for pre-reading, pre-writing and mathematics so they have all the necessary underpinning knowledge they need for their formal learning at school.

Out of School Childcare
Once at school, Jesters is registered to continue to care for your child through our established provision for breakfast, after school and holiday activities.

At Jesters we pride ourselves in creating a safe and exciting environment, which encourages child led play for all children aged 4-12.

Kids should be kids!
Our Breakfast, After School and Holiday sessions have been specially created to encourage all children to develop their social skills, form new friendships and acquire new interests in great activities, whilst having fun! So why not let Jesters provide the safe, healthy, caring, and happy environment your child needs…?

“Jesters is my go to place for childcare. As a working parent, I need reliable childcare where my children are happy and Jesters ticks all of those boxes. Can highly recommend Jesters. Staff are friendly and welcoming and get to know all of the children individually.”
Christine – Feb 2018

Beaulieu Breakfast Childcare 7.00am – 8.45am

Children can be dropped off to us between 7.00 and 8.00am for a healthy breakfast, and up until 8.20am if they don’t require breakfast. Children are then taken the short walk to Beaulieu Park School for opening time and registration.

Healthy start to the day – A nutritious breakfast is provided with choices of cereal, porridge, toast, yogurts, fruit, pancakes and muffins, accompanied by hot and/or cold drinks.

Free play and socialising – Activities are child-led free play sessions with a wide range of toys and equipment on offer for the children to access both indoors and in our fantastic outside space.

“All the staff are very friendly, helpful and always seem very engaged with the children which is lovely to see. I’m really happy with the provision at Jesters.”
Nicola – Jan 2018

Beaulieu After School Childcare 3.15pm – 7.00pm

Jesters staff collect children direct from Beaulieu Park School at 3.15pm and return them safely to the Jesters Beaulieu setting.

Snacks and hot meal provided – A snack is provided on arrival and then a nutritious meal is offered to all children. This includes; burritos, sausage casserole, three bean chilli and chicken curry.

Children can choose what they would like to play with and can incorporate a creative element such as art, games, storytelling, music and drama. Age appropriate toys and equipment are on offer indoors and out.

Parents are then able to collect their children from us any time up until 7.00pm.

“I know when my kids are older they’ll have plenty of happy memories of Jesters, the staff and the friends they made along the way.”
Jane – Feb 2018

Beaulieu Holiday Childcare 7.00am – 7.00pm

The day is organised and designed to incorporate child led play and staff led activities, which are based around a theme whilst maximising the indoor and outdoor facilities to engage all children.

Children partake in many play types during the day including; imaginative, exploratory, social, rough and tumble and physical through a wide range of resources, equipment and specially designed activities.

Weekly day trips – To enhance our programme we take the children out once a week to places of interest such as the zoo, cinema, farms, beach, London, woods etc…

“Amazing childcare. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and would always recommend Jesters, I wouldn’t be able to work the hours I do without them!”
Georgia – Jan 2018

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Contact us

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